Love Song to Gaia

Text by Pash Galbavy

Photography by Alba Elena


“Love Song to Gaia” contains poetic written reflections and fine art nude and artistic photographs, which were shot in little known areas of Sedona, Arizona. The book loosely combines aspects of the elements--earth, water, air, and sun-fire. It offers a visceral appreciation of life’s seasons--the internal focus of winter, spring’s new beginnings, summer’s bounty, and fall’s exuberance and returning--as if they all occur in one glorious day. The book captures the intimate, emotional connection with the landscape that is often described by Sedona visitors and residents, but which is rarely illustrated.


From the back cover:

“This book contains the results of some of Alba and my photographic adventures. It also includes my love notes and written reflections made in relationship to a paradisiacal part of the world like no other. I hope that viewers and readers will recognize some of what they too may have felt for Sedona, or their own, sacred place on our blessed planet.”

PASH GALBAVY, from the introduction

“Love Song to Gaia” is the result of a City of Sedona Artist’s Grant given to Alba and Pash in 2008.

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